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How To Order:

Step 1: Select your shirt from the "Shirts for Sublimation" tab
or select a custom item from the "Custom Gift Ideas-Sublimation" tab,
add to cart.  

Step 2: Pick the design you want put on any of the custom products
we offer and add to cart. 

Step 3: Checkout.

*We have filters to have navigate through the designs to help make it easier. Does not mean that
is the only way the design can be used. If you have any questions, please reach out.

*What if I want to purchase multiple shirts with different designs? Same steps as above, just
which design​ you want on which shirt either at checkout or in the custom text box
on the item listings.

We do offer a discount for large orders, reach out before ordering to chat.

We only offer physical products along with Ready to Press Transfers
You can locate them under the Shop Tab then select
Ready to Press Transfers.

We do NOT offer digital downloads of any designs.