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Hello, I’m Candie the co-owner of Rooted Gypsy.

I was nervous about opening a website after 2020.

But I said “If not now, then when?”

I hope you enjoy our custom designed products! 

My Story

I have always made my own crafts instead of buying. I have always been drawn to create things. It’s my therapy. When I was little, I would love to make crafts. My love to create has grown over all these years. Then social media happened. I posted a photo of a wreath I made myself and my family & friends started asking me to make them items. There were days I’d open the front door to see bags of supplies with a note asking if I could make something out of those items and anything left over, I could keep for myself. Fast forward to today and here I am starting an online business which will allow me to reach more people so I can create items they will love. Which to be honest for me is the most rewarding part of this. Thank you so much for checking out my items. I hope you will come back again!

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